expandnext is a business consulting service place.
We have dedicated and freelance workforce to fit the gig economy ecosystem.

We under take consulting service for –

brands, retail and franchise business, startups, small and medium business

We help in go to market strategy and improve brands in the digital transformation process, including website designing, brand content, branding, social media content strategy, etc. We can explain it simply, as we understand it well enough.

We track and predict market patterns.

Write us at business@expandnext.com


Note – consulting is not magic. We would guide you to the best possible path to success. You have to walk the path …


Must have elements in the franchise pitch deck for investors

Why need a great franchise proposal Franchise business is very strategic business model opted by corporate retailers, individual brand owners or a single brand retailer. Franchise model helps brand to expand the distribution channel with minimum overview from operational perspective. It also a great way to create business opportunity for individual (small) or portfolio investors. …

7 best ways to be a professional freelancer in India

Freelance economy – As per investopedia the freelance economy, also known as the gig economy, is a labor market consisting of a growing number of short-term contracts. Companies hire self-employed workers to undertake specific jobs in return for an agreed-upon payment, rather than offering them permanent positions. With startup economy booming in India, and #Entrepreneurship ecosystem …

Three types of Artificial Intelligence managers should know

(pic: Franck V) Machines powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can perform many tasks—such as recognizing complex patterns, synthesizing information, drawing conclusions, and forecasting— and these are not long ago were assumed to require human intervention.  The AI what we see today and used by industries across is the simplest of all the AI available. It …

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