expandnext is a business consulting service place.
We have dedicated and freelance workforce to fit the gig economy ecosystem.

We under take consulting service for –

brands, retail and franchise business, startups, small and medium business

We help in go to market strategy and improve brands in the digital transformation process, including website designing, brand content, branding, social media content strategy, etc. We can explain it simply, as we understand it well enough.

We track and predict market patterns.

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Note – consulting is not magic. We would guide you to the best possible path to success. You have to walk the path …


top three solution to ease the franchise business from start

Challenges Starting franchise business has a defined set of challenges in India, they are 1.  Finding the right partner 2. Finding the right location 3. Getting the right process in place These are top three concerns while initiating the franchise business for your brand across industries. We will talk about the solution to get over …

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