Understanding Content Strategy for Small Business in India


80% of the small business brand owners have no no clue or think differently of the concept called Content As an Asset.

Content Asset will pay high dividend if right resources are allocated over a period of time. Content Asset will create and not limited to:



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Must have elements in the franchise pitch deck for investors


Why need a great franchise proposal

Franchise business is very strategic business model opted by corporate retailers, individual brand owners or a single brand retailer. Franchise model helps brand to expand the distribution channel with minimum overview from operational perspective. It also a great way to create business opportunity for individual (small) or portfolio investors. It is the best way to experience retail management system, while having a strong franchisor support system in place.

However, the key aspect for brands wanting to go franchise model is to have a sound business proposal backed by valid data. Specially for brands which are new in the retail business and contemplating a long term franchise route to grow the brand presence. With each passing day, retail business is becoming a margin game with so many products catching up the space. Online commerce is a major challenge in this market. But for India, it is having a huge base of consumers, and offline retail is here to stay. The challenge is the way consumer demand is addressed and experience is enhanced through innovation. Franchise business is also evolving with the demand.

Sound business proposal

Finding the right business partner in franchise business is one of the main priority items of every franchisor. There are many ways to achieve it. To achieve it franchise owner should have a great PITCH for serious investors. The right investor will always appreciate a great pitch backed with relevant data. Pitch is a representation of business model that a franchisor will showcase to potential investor / franchisee. A franchise pitch is a way to market the brand and the readiness of the brand.

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