How to move retail stores into consumers’ minds


the top pointers

Brand is sold  in the minds of consumer before the real transactions takes place – Multi brand retailer should select the right SKUs in the stores to keep the footfall stable, if not increasing month on month

Sell the Experience first – brands should concentrate on experience and not on products only. We are into the Experience economy, and retailers must understand the under current benefits of creating an experience for customers first.

Add value to service that comes along with the products. Do not charge for the value added services (VAS) upfront

Define the job of the product – Brands or Retailers should understand and define clearly why customer will buy the product and what is the purpose it would solve when they pay to hire the product or service. Once it is defined. customers will come to your stores

Technology can work wonders – use of digital platforms to engage customers can help to pull customer in your stores. Don’t worry about competition from e-commerce of the world, leverage technology around the product strengths


There is no brand loyalty

Those happy days are gone, when consumer was waiting for your product to arrive. Wake up!  if you are struggling to align your service department with marketing.

A balance approach for the product go-to-market must be struck between quality and time –

it is important for brands to speed up the product delivery time to the customer door. The one who show up enjoy the ‘cart’ moment many times in a month.