Battle cards for the new age sales pitch

Battle card to win in sales

In a B2B market winning is not everything as it is not the end, but the journey to market opportunity.  Businesses are in constant lookout of the “new” solution and product available.  At the same time there is information overload and nothing seems new in the ocean of information.

In a typical business sales scenario, sales teams are caught with a surprisingly simple question on the pricing difference to the nearest competitor product. And that situation is not simple when sales person has no answer to support the product pricing.  Battle card approach is the best approach when you are out there to convert the sales opportunity.

What is it

Battle card is the tool often misunderstood as product feature catalog. Battle card is a strategic tool which could make or break sales deal if not created wisely.

The best Battle card is a reflection of the marketing team competitor knowledge about the product launch, market trend, technology upgrades and pricing.

We deal with Battle card approach for sales advisory project. Battle card is a tool to do competitive analysis for a product pitch.

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