The Magic Matrix for business strategy and growth in digital era

Magic Matrix: Business Assessment Tool


Every business try to bring the best solution for users. Users make the market for the business. Market is the function of different variable and constant factor for the success of product and service.

Brands look for growth in terms of market share and revenue and innovation. While innovation is not a separate growth factor for many brands, it is part of product development and not treated as separate factor.

As we deal with business problems in our consulting journey, we have observed key factors ( constant or variable) that are significant for business growth. In this digital era these factors are key drivers to business success.

Considering several business matrix and consulting framework available, our propitiatory matrix is a tested tools and are used for solving / assessing different business problems . The matrix is used across small , medium and large businesses.  It is called the Magic Matrix ( by ExpandNext) or simply put the ExpandNext Magic Matrix. 

ExpandNext Magic Matrix is used as an assessment tool to solve business problems. The Magic Matrix framework is used in making strategic decisions for business growth.

Magic Matrix is defined by  five (5) parameter below:

M – Measurable

A – Accountable

G – Growth driven

I – Innovation

C – Customer centric


Magic matrix


The MAGIC Matrix is used to assess business current process of a company. We rank the company based on MATRIX parameters. Further, this tool is used to improve the strategic growth plan.  However, the matrix is not absolute in nature and the success of the tool is also dependent on micro and macro economic factors. This Matrix is relevant for different business and process in different industry.


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