Brand that is driven by extraordinary culture


Company to a brand

As per MCA, there were 11,89,826 active companies as on June 30, 2018.  Not all are brands that deliver experience along with product and services. Brand is a simplest form to identify a company and further it helps to differentiate from another company in same industry.  It is essential for companies or an organization to create a brand out of services and products they deliver. It is not simple as it sounds to be. And it is not impossible to become a brand and recognized by consumers in the market.  However, the stakeholders of the company need to walk the journey to become a brand.

The first step to the endless journey to stay as a brand

Recently I was asked in a client meeting, “what is the single factor that makes a company or brand successful ?  With no hesitation or thoughts, I pointed out “culture” as the single factor that could make a company successful and hence makes it a brand. Though culture is not a visible factor, but it is the only function that determines the growth curve. Culture forms the single platform where marketing, HR, operations, sales resides. Without the concrete culture a company is not a brand and not a company that could pull itself for long run in the market (we are not challenging the exceptions as we deal with best practices).  The good news is 70% of the company stakeholders / business leaders we surveyed know the importance of organizational culture, 90% of them struggle to use culture as a key driver of performance. Business stakeholders acknowledge that they should create culture enabled brand rather than a brand which only markets product and services. research shows Customer Relationship, Innovation and Accountability are the top priorities among the other parameters that brands are looking to invest and are investing. Fortunately, these are also part of culture management system. Example – Innovation is a culture which can be put into a business process or say a company can implement Innovation Process as part of culture.

Thinking extraordinary – as a part of culture

Brands need to institutionalized culture which could inspire the next generation of managers and employee at all levels. Company should groom people from being ordinary to extra ordinary for growth and innovation.


Yes, there are challenges, specially when brands are part of the long value chain. B2B functions challenges are comparatively less than brands dealing in B2C markets. Retail brands which take the franchise route should re-think and re imagine the process and should explore culture as a key parameter. As in culture of training and development (and not business development ), culture of constant auditing, culture auditing. Brands should stop thinking their partners in business as another distribution channel, and should align them more to the culture that the brand promise.

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Want to be part of Rs 1,000 crore business in FY20


As announced, by March 2019, the group  has set the target to open 100 stores in India, followed by 500 stores by 2020. We are talking about the newly launched apparel business by Patanjali group, called Paridhan. Patanjali has expressed interest to go with Franchise route to expand its apparel business in India. It is a great opportunity to partner with Patanjali as a franchise owner for its Exclusive Brand Outlet (EBO). The location and format for the EBO is not restricted to stand alone retail store. Anyone with store rights in Malls and Commercial complex can opt for to become exclusive Paridhan franchisee owners.

As per industry trend Indian branded apparel market may reach close to US$ 35 Billion by 2020.  The market space is further attracting multi national brands to enter Indian market, such as Kigili and Koton from Turkey.  Many European brands such as Poland’s Cool Club to Russia’s leading kids-wear label Acoola wanted to enter India through local partners, as per ET. Similarly Japanese brands such as Mercuryduo, Dazzlin and Emoda are also looking to enter India fashion retail market.

We foresee an exciting times for fashion industry both for franchisee market and retail brands. Brand Paridhan which is among the very few all Indian brands which would compete with Foreign brands in the fashion business.  Though brand Paridhan is a first timer in this space, it would be interesting to see the brand exploring the initial brand maturity cycle. With brand India and Make in India push by current government under the leadership of PM Modi, we are sure Paridhan should make a great mark in the space.

Patanjali Textile Division is aggressively building the right infrastructure to support this multi crore textile business. Company is set to encourage small and medium vendors in India to source merchandise. All option of retail would be explored to make the brand a grand success in coming years.

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